Being a victim of a snatched theft is something an unforgettable and traumatic experience that can happen to someone. Here in the Philippines, it is prevalent occurrence that even the iron fisted President Rodrigo Duterte promises to stop.

Today, my friend reached out to me and shares her experience with this incident happened at SM East Ortigas.

So as she started boarding the bus, someone from her back intentionally snatched her wallet. She even shouted, “Yung wallet ko!” but that doesnt help the wallet to scream back to her.

In a snap, her 2,200 pesos, cards and the precious picture of her nephew were gone.

I experience the same incident way back in 2011. This happened on a bus as I will go to meet the same friend – Jam to give her my “pasalubongs” from Singapore.

I then boarded the bus from Shaw Crossing travelling to Ayala, Makati. The bus is quite full but noticed a seat on middle row was fully occupied by one suspicious looking passenger and he is seated in the middle and seems doesnt want to share the entire seat. I approached him and excused myself to be seated and got my window seat.

As the bus travels to Boni, a hard rounded thing touches my left abdomen and this suspicious looking passenger said, “Akin na cellphone at pera mo”. So I gave him my 3GS phone and 6 pesos (change from twenty pesos). And he said, “Bakit eto lang, akin na wallet mo”. And I said, “wala akong wallet”. That time, he seems contented on my phone.

He then stand up as he will alight to Guadalupe. After he unboard the bus, I noticed that someone is crying from my back and they said their wallet and phones were stolen. Some other passengers are saying the same thing.

The trauma and the hassle of closing the cards and replacing it with the new ones are the ones I hated the most. Those theft should work hard and look for a decent job. It is unfair for someone to just get something from you especially if those things came from the fruits of your labor and money that will be spent to something important.

I just hope those theft will use the money and things they got from us to something more meaningful and important than their lives.