“It’s better to be late than to be absent”. It is the saying we often use as an excuse when we arrived late during exams or classes but it turns out, this is quite true in the long run.

I have this friend, Mr. Kevin Moreno. He’s now a Registered Financial Planner (RFP) and he is one of the people I look upon. From the time I met him until now, he’s still tripping on his shoes but kidding aside, he is a loving father to his Kobe and a caring husband to his wife Tracy and a great friend to me even he trips on his shoes 😀

From a council in RF Online and a student with failed subjects, Kevin is now a successful entrepreneur and have a couple of run owned business, the Sophie and Xcess Salon and continue to expand more. As his friend, I saw their business’ highs and lows. They enjoy the highs, and withstood all the lows together with his wife and been successful on managing their businesses.

Recognition from Sophie

We always met and he often offer to advise me about my financial goals but on every occasion, we end up just chatting nonsense. But finally last July 4, Thursday, he made the effort to visit me at my home with his brand new NMAX for us to discuss what we can do about with my financial plans.

Retire early, and enjoy the fruits of your investment

Kevin Moreno, 2019

He handed over an excel that I need to fill out so he can complete his evaluation and after this, he will asses if I can still survive the future and according to his careful and compromising calculations, I can !

According to him, “Retire early, and enjoy the fruits of your investment”. So with his findings, if I want 50, 000 pesos monthly income, Ill be needing to invest 20, 000 per month starting today, every month and invest it on financial platforms like UITF, Mutual fund and even stocks so it will grew overtime. Upon my retirement, I can then withdraw part of my investment (50, 000 pesos) without compromising my funds.

He help me understand the importance of the future and getting ready for anything. We met and I learn new today and hopefully I can achieve what we have discussed and apply it with my goals.

If you also want to assess your financial goals, Kevin offers free consultation. You can directly message him with his email to set an appointment or use my contact info page so I can forward your information to him.

So, it is not late to invest. Invest as early as you can

Iskopapiks, 2019

So, it is not late to invest. Invest as early as you can. This will not only make ready ourselves for the future but help our children with theirs.