Bulakbol, pero hindi bolero

– Iskopapiks, 2019

I have a disease. I have it called, “travelititis”.

This disease is hard to contain. When you see an airfare which is on sale, your hand is aiming to click the ad placement from the suspecting airline even if you don’t want to. Then, your other senses will then check for the prices, schedule and if your leave credits are enough for this trip.

You’ll feel the tension rises once the mouse pointer hovers over the “Check Out” button. But from my experience, I just do breathing exercises. Breath in – and out. Breath in – and out – then click the Check out button. And Voila ! Booked for my next trip !

Airlines are great nowadays to whom they will send these promo deals, especially for me and I can say they are doing a great job !

Just today, I ended up booking a round trip ticket to Bangkok. Me and my wife will be scheduled to fly this October.

My Trip summary :

  • no budget yet for the trip ;
  • since the trip is scheduled on a weekdays – leave approval will be a bit of challenge ;
  • and the most important thing – No one’s gonna baby sit our baby during our trip !

A great time to book right?!

Make travelling an investment

I always like to invest, so I have a handful of programs to help increase my money’s growth potential. Same thing with travelling. Travelling is a moment for you to reward yourself and see the world that you never seen before. Those moments that money can’t buy. The time you spent with your love ones and a great investment in experience that is worth remembering.

We can’t go back in time

Well, as long as the theory of relativity is involved – can be a yes, but that will cost you millions of dollars.

My advise, instead of going back in time, use your hard earned money to keep moving forward. Wipe out all your doubts and plan for your next getaway ! I promise, that’ll be worth every penny you’ll spent and make moments you never experienced before !

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