All About this Site and Me

Hey ! As a working IT Professional, I know that we always to be ahead of competition, so if needed we seek for other opportunities that suits are skills and needs.

Jobstreet, LinkedIN, and Monster are all websites that we keep track to help us look for job openings. So here is – a small site that will help professionals to look for job opportunities here and abroad (soon).

Ill also add a section for blogs and everything that is happening that is worth sharing.

As an employer, you can also post your own job opening so it is a site worth visiting.

Francis aka Isko is currently working at Realpage as a Dev OPS engineer and already have 11 years of IT experience under his belt.

Some of the job openings came directly from Realpage Career’s site.
No copyright infringement is intended as I’m just sharing the job information to someone who wants to apply.